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Complete Dentures

If you are looking for complete dentures in Windsor, book a free complimentary consultation with us! We offer conventional or implant retained dentures which replace all teeth in the arch.

Complete dentures can have a positive outcome on your life. Bring the smile back to your face and start feeling like yourself again.

Why Should You Choose Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic for your Complete Dentures?

  • We have an on-site laboratory that allows for a unique and personalized experience. Dentures are custom made each patient’s esthetic preferences.
  • All of our patients receive a wax “try-in” appointment where the dentures will be examined in the mouth. During this appointment, you can analyze the esthetics and changes can be made in our on-site laboratory.
complete dentures windsor ontario

Our Process

What can I expect for Complete Dentures:

  1. Assessment of tissues and preliminary impressions.
  2. Final impressions if necessary.
  3. Bite registration (how your jaw closes and moves), to determine jaw relations. Also, the selection of denture teeth – shade and shape.
  4. Try in –  trial dentures are set in wax, patient assessment of the look, assessment of technical aspects
  5. Insertion of new dentures.

Looking for More Information?

Visit our F.A.Q's page for answers to our frequently asked questions.

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