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Denture Repair

In need of denture repair? Our on-site laboratory will fix broken dentures while you wait!

In cases such as a crack down the middle of your dentures or broken in two pieces down the middle of your dentures can usually be fixed in approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.

In cases such as a tooth has fallen out of a denture, we can repair this for you in approximately 1 hour.

In cases such as a broken clasp on a partial denture (a clasp can usually be “hand- bent” to replace a clasp that has broken), this procedure normally takes roughly 2 hours.

It’s always best to give a call to let us know you’ll be coming in so that we can ensure we can provide accurate timelines for assistance.

Remember: Please do not attempt to do “at home” repairs. Glue between two pieces of a denture can alter the fit entirely making the denture repair much more expensive or almost impossible.

Our Process

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What can I expect for Fractured Denture or Partial Repair:

  1. Assessment of what is fractured.
  2. Mould/impression taken if necessary (if it is not a clean break, or if there is a piece of the appliance missing).
  3. Repair processed while you wait! (1 – 1.5 hours in most cases)

What can I expect for Additions to Partial Dentures:

The patient is wearing a partial and has lost an additional natural tooth or needs clasp added.

  1. Morning visit, assessment of natural dentition and partial denture, impression taken with denture in place. If soldering of mental retention is needed to hold additional tooth, the case is sent to a secondary laboratory. If not, we will complete lab work in our on-site laboratory.
  2. Insertion of partial with addition of tooth or clasp. (This can often be the same day, later afternoon if soldering not required)

Looking for More Information?

Visit our F.A.Q's page for answers to our frequently asked questions.

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