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Eating Your Favourite Foods with Dentures

Eating Your Favourite Foods with Dentures

Tips from Your Denturist

Dentures restore your chewing ability, but it’s not quite the same as having natural teeth. You can still look forward to enjoying your favourite fresh fruits and vegetables when you learn how to navigate the table with your dentures. The denturists with Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic have some tips.  

Choose Your Meats Wisely

Tough cuts of meat can be difficult to chew with your dentures. Fish or poultry are softer options that are more manageable. Ground beef or plant-based meat substitutes are also softer for eating with dentures. Eating fried chicken with dentures can be tricky. Practice to gain confidence if you think that it might be an option.  

Corn on the Cob

Even if you’ve been wearing dentures for a while, dentures can make eating corn on the cob difficult as it takes a stronger bite to eat corn off the cob. The good news is that corn tastes the same, whether you eat it on the cob or not. Cut the kernels off the cob to make it easier to manage.  

Blackberries, Raspberries, Cherries and Other Fruit

Fresh berries taste the absolute best, but those little fruits are a double whammy when you wear dentures. First, tiny seeds can be problematic with dentures. Second, berries can stain your teeth. Make sure to clean your dentures after eating berries. Cut up apples, peaches or pears into small bites instead of taking a bite out of the fruit. Grill your fruit to soften it up and make it easier to chew. Serve it with a scoop of ice cream and no one will be the wiser!  

Breads, Pasta and Potato Chips

Starchy foods can stick to your teeth. Wholegrain breads can be even more challenging. While you’re eating, drink plenty of water to rinse the food particles off your dentures and your gums. Take small bites and chew on both sides of your mouth. Chew each piece of food thoroughly.  

Be Careful with Hot Foods

Dentures can insulate your gums and make it a little trickier to feel temperatures. If you’re eating hot soup or fried foods that just came out of the fryer, make sure to let the food cool before eating it. You can also use a spoon or your tongue to sample the temperature to make sure the food is safe.  

Be Sensible with Your Dentures and Have Fun!

Your dentures shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying your favourite foods and treats. With a little practice or adaptations, you can still enjoy your favourite foods and be confident that your dentures will be fine. The denturists with Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic want to make your experience with dentures successful. Contact our office for a consultation for denture services or new dentures.  

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