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4 Festive Foods to Skip if You Wear Dentures

4 Festive Foods to Skip
If You Wear Dentures

Advice from Your Denturists at
Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

The holiday season is just around the corner. As festive food hits the dinner table, denture wearers should proceed with caution. While it may be challenging to make the right nutrition choices during the holidays, knowing what foods to avoid will ensure that your full or partial dentures stay intact.

If you wear dentures, it may take a little creativity and patience to navigate your way around the holiday dinner table this year but that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the foods you previously enjoyed and included in your diet. Fortunately, your trusted denturists at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic have some advice on what foods you should skip to preserve your dentures this holiday season.

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4 Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

When it comes to dentures, one of the biggest adjustments you have to make is figuring out which foods are suitable and which ones are not. To help you prevent possible fractures to your dentures, take a look at 4 foods you should avoid during the holidays:

  1. Sticky Foods: Limit your intake of sticky foods such as toffees, caramels and other sweet treats. Soft and chewy foods can cling to your dentures, causing them to shift around your mouth as you try and remove all the sticky particles. Sticky foods can also make it more challenging for you to chew.
  2. Tough Meats: Breaking down food with your teeth requires a little more time and effort if you are a denture wearer. Avoid tough or overcooked pieces of meat or gristle (fat), which can cause your dentures to lose their grip and dislodge. Other alternatives include ground meat, chicken or fish, which are easier for your dentures to handle.
  3. Nuts and Seeds: Tiny nuts and seeds can get lodged underneath your partial dentures and also put too much pressure on one side of your mouth, resulting in your denture dislodging on the other side. Instead, try snacking on seedless grapes and berries in between meals.
  4. Coffee and Tea: Avoid consuming large amounts of coffee, tea or anything with a lot of caffeine. Not only will these beverages stain your natural teeth and dentures but they are also diuretics and can lead to dry mouth, creating friction between your gums and dentures. If you want to enjoy hot beverages, switch to decaf or balance out your caffeine intake by drinking plenty of water.

Visit Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic for Emergency Denture Repairs

Even if you do your best to avoid these foods, we understand how easy it is to over indulge during the holidays. If you run into a dental emergency, the professionals at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic are here to fix your broken dentures at our on-site laboratory. On average, our denture repair services only take 1-2 hours to complete but be sure to give us a call before visiting our office. We can provide you with a more accurate window regarding how long it will take for us to assist you with an emergency denture repair.

If you live in Windsor or the surrounding area, please call 519-252-7772 to book your appointment or request a consultation online.  

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