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How to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

How to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Tips from Your Denturists
at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

If you feel anxious every time your dental appointment draws near, you’re not alone. Many people feel nervous when they have to make a trip to their dental professional. There are several reasons why you may experience dental phobia including a fear of pain, needles, anaesthetic side effects or even feelings of embarrassment and loss of personal space. Fortunately, there are many things you can do on your own and with a denturist or health care professional from Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic to manage your anxiety.

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Coping Techniques to Manage Your Dental Anxiety

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from seeking dental treatment. If you feel anxious about your next visit to the dental/denture clinic, here are a few tips to keep in mind that may help ease your stress:

  • Talk to Your Dental Professional: The best thing you can do for yourself is to talk to your denturist about your anxiety. Sharing your feelings will make a significant difference and your denturist can tailor your treatment according to your needs. Once you arrive at the office, make sure to remind the dental staff about your concerns and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Use Distractions: Taking your mind off the situation may feel like an impossible task at first, but there are a few simple things you can do to distract yourself during a dental visit.  For instance, wear headphones so you can listen to your favourite album or an audio book instead of listening to the sound of the denturist’s tools. Additionally, you can occupy your hands by squeezing a stress ball.
  • Practice Mindfulness Techniques: Deep breathing while you are waiting to see the denturist or sitting in the dental chair works wonders for easing tension and anxiety. As you breathe, perform a mental body scan and concentrate on relaxing your muscles each body part at a time.
  • Establish a Signal: While discussing your anxiety with your denturist, make sure to agree on a signal such as raising your hand if you need to let your denturist know it’s time for a break. Hand signals can help you feel more in control over your exam and immediately notify your denturist to ease off or stop what they are doing.

Remember; here at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic, all services we provide are fairly non-invasive, we specialize in fitting and fabrication of your removable prosthetics. What that means for you as a patient is you do not have to fear of any surgical procedures, needles, or grinding on your natural teeth.

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At Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic, your safety and comfort is a top priority for us. Whether you are coming in for a simple denture repair, or a new set of dentures, our friendly and experienced denturists will walk you through your appointment so you know exactly what to expect. If you experience anxiety when visiting your dental office, discuss your feelings and concerns with one of our denture professionals who can adapt your treatment accordingly so you can have the best experience.

If you live in Windsor or the surrounding area, please call 519-252-7772 to book your appointment at our denture clinic or request a consultation online.  

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