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Never Wear Loose Dentures

Why You Should Never Wear Loose Dentures

Advice from Your Denturists at
Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

Thanks to advanced technology, modern dentures can be customized to fit more naturally in your mouth than ever before. Even with technological improvements, it’s still important to ensure that your dentures fit correctly, since wearing loose fitting dentures can lead to certain challenges like difficulty speaking, digestion issues and more. Fortunately, the denturists at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic can help you find a solution to this common problem. Regular dental visits and proper at-home care will help keep your dentures in good condition so you can carry on your daily activities safely and comfortably.

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Reasons to Avoid Wearing Loose Dentures

Dentures can lose their grip over time for a number of reasons.  One of the most common culprits, aside from everyday wear, is bone resorption, the process where your gums begin shrinking since they are no longer needed to hold natural teeth in place. Eating a balanced diet and exercising your jaw as much as possible can go a long way to help prevent resorption. Read below to learn more about how wearing loose fitting dentures can affect you:

  • Mouth Irritation: If your dentures are loose, they won’t be able to form a solid bond to your underlying gums. Loose dentures will cause friction between your gums resulting in irritation and discomfort. Friction can also lead to mouth sores but luckily, you can maintain healthy gum tissue by having properly fitting dentures.
  • Speaking Challenges: At first, it is normal to have difficulties doing basic things like speaking or laughing especially if you are a new denture wearer. However, if your dentures are loose, you may continue to have trouble enunciating your words. Movements that are related to laughing or speaking loudly can cause your dentures to become loose and slip out of place. If this is a repeating occurrence, it may be time to visit your denturist.
  • Poor Digestion: It can be challenging to properly chew and digest your food if your dentures are loose. Being unable to sufficiently break down tough or crunchy food can pose a risk when swallowing and may even contribute to issues related to your digestion such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation and more.
  • Changes in Facial Appearance: While a pair of well-fitting dentures can help maintain the structural integrity of your face, ill-fitting dentures may give you a different appearance than you are normally used to. Make sure your dentures fit properly to support your facial features and restore youthfulness.

Find Appropriate Solutions for Your Loose Dentures from Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

There are several ways you can tell your dentures are losing their grip. For instance, you may notice that they are prone to slipping or hear a clicking noise when you open your mouth to eat or speak in addition to experiencing some general discomfort. If you are a denture wearer and notice any of these signs, schedule a visit with your denturist at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic. We offer denture repair, reline and rebase services to help you live more comfortably with your dentures. We are proud to provide solutions that will help you solve any denture related issues quickly, effectively and affordably.

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