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Making Healthy Holiday Candy Choices with Dentures

Making Healthy Holiday Candy Choices with Dentures

Advice from Your Denturists at
Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

One of the best things about different holidays is the sweets. Whether you love dark chocolate coated strawberries for Valentine’s Day, jellybeans for Easter or candy corn at Halloween, when you’re wearing dentures, it’s important to be aware of the sweets you can safely eat. Most dentists recommend limiting your candy intake because the sugar is damaging to your natural teeth. In addition, the denturists at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic have some tips for enjoying candy when wearing complete or partial dentures.

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Choosing Candy Wisely

Dentures restore your chewing ability, but there are some differences in chewing with natural teeth and a dental appliance. If you bite down on one side only, your denture may shift, or you could get sore spots on your gums. The sugar residue from candy causes bacteria to grow in your mouth, leading to gum disease. Here are some considerations:

  • If you’re new to dentures, choose soft sweet treats instead of candies. Applesauce, frozen yogurt or cake are easy to eat and gentle on your gums and dentures. Take small bites as you learn to eat with your dentures.
  • Chocolate without nuts or caramel is comfortable to eat when you have dentures. Dark chocolate even has antioxidants that benefit your teeth; of course, enjoyed in moderation.
  • Hard candy can be a safe option if you suck on it instead of biting down. Chewing on it could damage your dentures or you may get small bits of candy stuck between your gums and dentures, which causes irritation.
  • Avoid nuts, popcorn, and anything sticky, such as caramel, taffy or gummy candies. These candies are difficult to chew and can get stuck to your partial dentures.
  • Sugarless gum is another good option. Chewing gum increases your saliva production, which helps you avoid sores and irritations.
  • Eat sweets with your meals, because your saliva production is increased, which reduces the amount of sugar in your mouth.
  • After eating sweets, clean your dentures to reduce plaque buildup. If you can’t clean your dentures right away, rinse your mouth with water or an anti-bacterial wash.

“Sweet Advice” and Denture Solutions from Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

If you choose to enjoy sweets over the holidays, pay attention to what you’re eating. Keep up with good hygiene following a candy binge. In fact, it’s better to enjoy your candy at one time instead of eating it throughout the day. Do drink plenty of water with your sweets, which removes some of the sugar residue on your dentures and gums. If you experience any problems with your dentures, make an appointment with a denturist at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic to find solutions. We want your dentures to fit comfortably to make you feel confident when smiling, eating and talking. We have a number of denturist services to find the right solution for you.

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