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What To Do If You Are Suffering from Painful Dentures

What to do if You Suffer from Painful Dentures

Advice from Your Denturists at
Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

If you are new to wearing dentures, it is completely normal to experience some initial discomfort. However, this should only last for the first few weeks as dentures take time to settle properly and your muscles begin to adapt. Any soreness should be brought to the attention of your denturist at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic. The purpose of your complete, partial or implant retained denture is to relief from missing teeth. That’s why we want to be notified right away if you are feeling discomfort, so we can identify the problem and provide a solution that will help you live more comfortably and confidently.

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How to Deal with Painful Dentures

There could be a few reasons behind painful dentures. If your dentures are a few years old, one cause may be loose-fitting dentures. Dentures that don’t fit as well as they should, can lead to discomfort while speaking or eating as sores develop or food becomes trapped between your denture and gums. Fortunately, your denturist can help you make adjustments to significantly improve how your dentures fit and feel. Read on to learn more about what you can do if you are suffering from painful dentures:

  • Clean Your Dentures: Cleaning your dentures on a daily basis will help remove harmful bacteria to keep your dentures feeling fresh. Taking care of your dentures as you would your natural teeth will keep them in the best shape possible and ease your discomfort. Taking your dentures out while you sleep can also give your gums some relief from the pressure of your dentures.
  • Eat Soft Foods and Small Bites: Eating and drinking as a new denture wearer will take some getting used to. So, it’s best to start off by limiting your diet to soft foods and plenty of water while you work your way up to your regular diet. When chewing, avoid using your front teeth and use both sides of your mouth to chew to stabilize the pressure.
  • Use Over-the-Counter and Home Remedies: Apply a topical oral pain-relief gel or cream that contains an antiseptic to not only ease any sore areas on your gums but also to prevent infections. You can also try gently massaging your gums to increase circulation which decreases swelling. Or remove your dentures and use a salt water rinse to inhibit bacteria growth and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Consult Your Denturist: If painful dentures are interfering with your daily life, it’s time to contact a dental professional. Together, we can assess your current dentures to ensure they are fitting properly. We can also discuss alternative options if you are experiencing persistent discomfort, such as implant retained dentures.

Visit Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic for Relief from Painful Dentures

Once your mouth gets used to wearing dentures, you will quickly realize that they offer more benefits than downsides. Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic has been a trusted name in denture care for almost 50 years. If you have been following a proper denture care routine and are still experiencing discomfort after the adjustment phase, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us. We offer a wide range of solutions to your denture problems including denture repair, reline and rebase services for your complete or partial dentures. Our goal is to restore your smile and confidence while ensuring you continue to live pain-free with your new dentures.

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