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How to Support Your Oral Health When You Have Dentures

Denture Wearers: Don’t Ignore Your Oral Health!

Tips from Your Denturists at
Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic

If you thought it was easier to take care of your oral health with fewer teeth or even no teeth at all, you might want to think again. For denture wearers, oral care is just as important as it is for people who don’t wear dentures. Whether you have full or partial dentures, they require regular care to keep them as well as your whole mouth, sparkling clean and free from bacteria. One of the best things you can do to support your oral health when you have dentures is to visit the dental experts at Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic who can help you keep your dentures and mouth in optimal shape.

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How to Support Your Oral Health When You Have Dentures

Poor oral hygiene can impact your overall health. Even if you wear dentures, it’s extremely important that you remember to take care of your teeth and gums. Here are a few tips for keeping your whole mouth healthy when you have dentures:

  • Clean Your Mouth Properly: Firstly, remove your dentures and using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently brush your tongue, gums, side and roof of your mouth. This motion will help loosen and eliminate plaque while stimulating oral tissue circulation. Getting rid of plaque will help prevent bad breath and reduce your risk of experiencing irritation related to your dentures. In addition, occasionally rinsing your mouth with lukewarm salt water will also clean your gums.
  • Eat a Well-Balanced Diet: What you put into your body has a significant impact on your oral health. Try eating a well-balanced diet, consisting of foods that are low in sugar. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals will support healthy teeth and gums.
  • Avoid Smoking: If you are a smoker, you are at a greater risk of developing gum disease and other oral infections due to the increased production of yeast that smoking enables. Smoking can also lead to dry mouth which can cause discomfort when you are wearing your dentures.
  • Let Your Mouth Rest: Remove your dentures in the evening before bed to give your mouth a chance to rest. We do not recommend wearing your removable dentures for 24 hours or longer, at a time.
  • Maintain Regular Checkups: Schedule regular visits with your denturist who can examine your mouth to ensure that you have healthy gums. Your denture specialist can also assess whether your dentures are loose and determine whether you need adjustments, relines or a replacement.

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For almost 50 years, Baker Lanoue Denture Clinic has been Windsor’s most trusted denture clinic specializing in complete, partial and implant supported dentures. Not only are we passionate about the dentures we create for our patients but taking care of your overall health is important to us too. To maintain good oral health, we recommend scheduling regular visits to one of our denturists, so we can examine your whole mouth and perform a thorough cleaning.  We will continue to work alongside you to ensure that you are keeping up with appropriate habits, benefitting both your oral and overall health.

If you live in Windsor or the surrounding area, please call our denture clinic at 519-252-7772 to book your appointment or request a consultation online.  

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